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Top 5 Driving Myths

“Don’t drive barefoot, it’s illegal” “Cops write more tickets at the end of the month” “I can speed if it’s going with the flow of traffic” We’ve heard it all, right? There are so many stories, tips and tricks about driving laws, tickets, and how to avoid fines and...


My name is Evan Roessle and I am the newest attorney at the Law Offices of Dussault & Zatir. I was born in New Bedford and was raised in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. I attended Dartmouth High School and upon graduation pursued my undergraduate degree in Political...


Most times when you hear people talk about bike safety, you hear the standard pieces of advice: wear your helmet, don’t wear dark colors when riding at night, and follow the general traffic laws. What you don’t hear is how to avoid getting into a collision in the...

Should I Call The Police To The Scene Of My Accident?

Should I Call The Police To The Scene Of My Accident?

Massachusetts and Rhode Island have some notoriously busy traffic areas like Brown University’s College Hill on Providence’s East Side or the Taunton Green in Taunton, MA where Route 44, Route 138 and Route 140 all intersect. These and many...

Southcoast & RI’s Most Dangerous Roadways

Southcoast & RI’s Most Dangerous Roadways

President Eisenhower passed the Federal-Aid Highway Act in 1956 to create a national highway system that “eliminate[s] unsafe roads, inefficient routes, and traffic jams.” While the growing highway system led to more effective traveling and...

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