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Similar to a parent caring for their child, our personal injury attorneys approach the representation of injury victims with genuine compassion and empathy. However, when confronted with the challenge of insurance companies attempting to evade fair compensation, our tenacious and assertive nature emerges. We are prepared to fiercely advocate on behalf of those we deeply care about – individuals who have suffered harm due to acts of negligence and recklessness.

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Founding Partner

Jim Dussault is a founding partner of Dussault and Zatir PC. and was born and raised in New Bedford. Jim has worked on US Senatorial, Presidential, and White House staffs. Upon earning his law degree, Jim apprenticed at a personal injury law firm and in 1990 he joined attorney, Peter T. Zatir in forming Dussault and Zatir PC. Since then, the firm has successfully represented thousands of clients and has achieved recognition for their impressive results. Outside the office and the courtroom, Jim is a husband, father and an established oil painter, having studied drawing and painting at the Rhode Island School of Design.



Brian’s unique work experience included jobs within the insurance industry as he worked as an adjuster and supervisor for several major insurance carriers. After graduating from law school in the top 10 of his class, he worked as an attorney for a major insurance company. With his unique and special work experience, Brian is able to identify the roadblocks and tricks that are often laid out in front of you by the insurance company. He joined the firm in 2013 and now uses all of his unique experience to assist his clients with the many challenges that result from being injured. Brian concentrates in the areas of motor vehicle accidents, dog bite claims, general negligence matters, slip and fall injuries, catastrophic injury claims, wrongful death claims, workers’ compensation matters and third-party liability cases. Brian enjoys spending time with his family, politics, reading and attending concerts and sporting events.



After graduating from Roger Williams School of Law, J.D. ‘08 Rochester Institute of Technology, BFA ’93, Peter spent the early part of his unique career as a newspaper photographer. After some real- world experience, he decided to attend law school to follow a child hood dream of being a lawyer. Always hardworking and diligent, he was able to attend law school at night while working at several law firms during the day and caring for his two children. Peter enjoys helping his clients navigate the often-complicated process of a personal injury claim. In particular, his greatest satisfaction is helping them regain their health and be compensated for their pain and suffering. Outside the office, Peter enjoys cooking and spending time with his family.



Born and raised in the Greater New Bedford area, Evan has a fondness for the local culture and community. Evan focused his efforts on helping people dealing with the real-world consequences of physical injuries. Evan knows it’s not easy to recover from an injury, both physically and mentally. As a young man, he had a long surgical history as a result of various sports injuries. Evan can relate first hand to what it is like to sustain an injury and recover from it. Evan specializes in handling Workers’ Compensation claims, automobile accident claims, and other personal injury matters. Outside of work, Evan enjoys rooting on the local sports teams, hiking a trail with his dog and spending time with his family.


Business Manager

Maria has been with the firm since September 1990.  She was hired as the firm’s bookkeeper and as the firm grew in size and productivity, her responsibilities have expanded over the years to include all aspects of Accounting, Human Resources, and day to day business management.  A native of the area, Maria is a licensed Massachusetts Notary.  She is recognized and relied upon for her special ability to problem solve by breaking down complicated problems into successful results.


Legal Assistant

Grace Duarte has been a legal assistant with our firm for 18 years. Grace has assisted on hundreds of motor vehicle accident cases as well as slip and falls, dog bites cases and on and on. She enjoys providing excellent customer service as she assists clients with all aspects of their claims. She has a reputation of answering client questions fully and preparing each claim to be in the best position to win a maximum recovery. Outside of work, Grace loves spending time with her big and loving family and enjoys vigorous exercise, crafting, and the great outdoors.


Legal Assistant, Intake Specialist

As a legal assistant and intake specialist, Nancy, with her kindness and special ability to connect with people, has helped hundreds of clients with their personal injury cases. After the trauma of an accident, the claims process can be difficult, frustrating and overwhelming, especially when working with insurance companies. Nancy enjoys meeting with new clients, answering their questions, and helping them feel at ease. She is known and appreciated for her down to earth approach and attention to detail.


Legal Assistant

Giselle has had great success in helping hundreds of clients with their personal injury cases. She understands how overwhelming and frustrating it may be after you have been injured. She takes her time to explain the process and makes you feel at ease as she helps you to get back on track.

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