If you’ve been hurt on the job and you feel that you deserve workers’ compensation for your injuries, be careful of what you post on the internet. Some insights into your personal life via Facebook, Twitter, etc. could hurt your chances of obtaining medical treatment, out of work benefits, and even a settlement for your injuries.


Social Media Investigations

The folks at most insurance companies are becoming quite web savvy. And because of this, a number of programs and seminars like “The Insider’s Guide to Social Media Investigations” have been created.  The seminar is designed to teach attorney’s how to obtain information on a ‘Target’ by using Social Media resources such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to investigate plaintiffs and injured workers. This is going to become more common, not less common. For many reasons, it is important to control what information is out there, whether it impacts a potential case or not.

Privacy Settings

One thing that you can do is to set your privacy settings for any accounts to be 
restricted so that only people you know and trust can see your posts. If a family member or friend is posting pictures of you online, you need to also make sure the privacy settings apply to those pictures. Even posts from before an injury can cause you a problem. Let’s say you injure your ankle at work, and after the accident, you decide to post a picture from a marathon you ran in before the accident. The adjuster may see this picture and think that you’re committing insurance fraud. It won’t matter the picture is from six months before your accident, because the adjuster will have no choice but to cut off your benefits, as the picture makes it look like you’re more capable than you are.

Investigate Yourself

It’s simple enough to find out what information is floating out there online. Conduct a Google search on yourself from a computer that is not already logged into your accounts, this will show you what accounts and posts are out there and then the ones that are viewable to the public. The bottom line is that you can protect yourself and your family by controlling the information that’s put on the internet.

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