Massachusetts and Rhode Island have some of the most beautiful places in New England to take the motorcycle out for a cruise. Historic Route 6 starts right here in Massachusetts and features beautiful landscapes and landmarks throughout Cape Cod, Dartmouth and Rhode Island before heading onward eventually to reach California. With the freedom of riding a motorcycle comes a responsibility for safety. The roads are filled with distracted drivers and motorcycles accidents are all too common. When in a collision, a motorcyclist is far more likely to suffer severe catastrophic personal injury or possibly accidental death. So whether you’re heading out for a day’s journey or just cruising over to Handy Hill for an ice cream on your way to Horseneck Beach, wearing a motorcycle helmet can make the difference between life and death.

Protect Your Head

Head injuries are the leading cause of motorcycle accident related deaths. When you look at the statistics it really doesn’t make much sense to forgo wearing a helmet. Riding safe begins with the right safety equipment. It’s always advisable to wear your helmet regardless of which state you’re riding in, but the laws do vary from state to state.

Motorcycle Helmet Law in Massachusetts 

Title XIV. Public Ways and Works Chapter 90. Motor Vehicles and Aircraft… Section 7 states:

“Every person operating a motorcycle or riding as a passenger on a motorcycle or in a sidecar attached to a motorcycle shall wear  protective head gear conforming with such minimum standards of construction and performance as the registrar may prescribe, and no person operating a motorcycle shall permit any other person to ride as a passenger on such motorcycle or in a sidecar attached to such motorcycle unless such passenger is wearing such protective head gear,. . .”

Motorcycle Helmet Law in Rhode Island

§ 31-10.1-4 Required equipment states:

“Any operator under the age of twenty-one (21) shall wear a helmet of a type approved by the administrator of motor vehicles. In addition, all new operators, regardless of age, shall be required, for a period of one year from the date of issuance of the first license pursuant to wear a helmet of a type approved by said administrator…”

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*The above is not to be considered as legal advice. Every case is different and the laws which apply may differ from state to state.

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