New Bedford and Fall River, as well as other port cities in southeastern Massachusetts are major hubs of importing, exporting and transporting goods to businesses all over the U.S.. Commercial trucks make up a great deal of our highway traffic, which means our area has an increased risk of truck accidents due to distracted driving and other factors.  

Distracted Driving & Commercial Truck Accidents

Truck drivers spend long hours alone on the road which can lead drivers to want to multitask. One of the most common causes of trucker distracted driving is operating a mobile device while at the wheel. Talking on the phone, texting, looking at web content, or even entering directions into a GPS system are all enough for a driver to take their eyes off the road. 

Other Common Causes of Eighteen Wheeler Accidents

Truck Driver Tiredness and Fatigue – Though there are federal regulations which limit the amount of time a commercial truck driver can log driving per week, truck drivers burn the candle at both ends and are likely to become drowsy behind the wheel. Often scheduled routes included hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles, and this can wear on even the most experienced drivers.

Poor or Improper Truck Maintenance – Any equipment malfunction on a big rig from faulty brakes to a tire blowout can result in a deadly truck accident. Trucking companies can be held responsible for a trucking accident if faulty equipment is found to be to blame. 

Speeding Truck Drivers – The trucking world is a world of traffic and deadlines, so it’s no surprise that truck drivers are tempted to speed. This is very dangerous with truckers since the vehicle they’re driving can weigh 20 times more than the average passenger vehicle. 

Unsafe Driving Practices –  In addition to speeding, many trucker accidents are caused by unsafe driving practices including:

  • Following another vehicle too closely
  • Road rage
  • Failure to check for blind spots
  • Frequent lane changes
  • Failure to use turn signals

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