The tragic hit-and-run motorcycle accident which killed a 29 year-old biker from Taunton on Highland Avenue in Fall River this past week highlights the dangers of distracted driving and the need for motorcycle awareness. Fortunately, the Fall River box truck driver who fled was apprehended and is being held without bail. Preliminary reports state that the box truck driver turned onto Courtney St. off of Highland Ave., failing to yield to the oncoming motorcyclist. Motorcycle accidents like this account for more than half of motorcycle accident deaths throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and we’ve seen more each year due to factors like an increase in distracted drivers and drunk/drugged drivers. 

Common Types of Motorcycle Collision Accidents

Due to the smaller profile and unprotected environment, a motorcycle rider is far more likely to result in catastrophic injury or death. Here are some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents.

Head-On Collisions – In the vast majority of motorcycle accidents, the car strikes the motorcycle from the front. These accidents often happen when a distracted driver fails to see the smaller profile of the biker making a left turn at an intersection or onto a street. Head-on collisions between a car and motorcycle are common and often fatal to the motorcyclist.

Cars Making Left-Hand Turns – This is the scenario that led to the tragic motorcycle accident in Fall River last week. This common and dangerous cause of motorcycle accidents occurs when the car is making a left-hand turn at an intersection or onto a street. These account for more than a third of all collisions involving a motorcycle and car. A vehicle that hits another vehicle while making a left-hand turn will likely be found at fault for the accident. 

Blind Spot Accidents – The “blind spot” of the vehicle common cause of highway motorcycle accidents This is an area between the rear-view and side mirrors where the driver cannot see. Most vehicles including small cars and commercial trucks have a “blind spot”. The smaller profile of the motorcycle can be lost from view easier than a car. This is one of the key reasons for the phrase “Look twice, save a life!”

Ride Defensively To Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Whether heading out for a day trip on historic Route 6 from Cape Cod down through Providence or keeping it local with an evening ride to Horseneck Beach at the end of Route MA-88 in Westport, be sure to ride defensively and stay aware. The roads are filled with aggressive, distracted drivers. Always assume that they don’t see you. 

Contact An Experienced New Bedford Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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