There are many dangers out there on the roads as a driver. Distracted drivers, aggressive drivers, bad drivers, but one of the most dangerous type of drivers is more common than you may think… Drowsy drivers. Whether it’s a trucker who is pushing things too far to make a deadline, or someone coming home on the final leg of a long roadtrip, drowsy driving can be dangerous and deadly.


You May need To Pull Over

Drowsy driving can happen to the best drivers, when we least expect it. Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we’re pushing things too hard and “know we can make it”. Here are some signs that you may need to pull over and rest:

Ways To Avoid Drowsy Driving In The Future

As in most things, the best solution is to think ahead and avoid these types of situations all together. Here are some tips to stay safe:

Injured By The Negligence Of A Drowsy Driver?

Drowsy driving is more difficult to prove than drunk driving, but regardless, if you’ve been involved in any accident that was not your fault, it’s always best to contact one of our experienced attornies.

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