People are always surprised when an attorney tells them that social media can ruin a personal injury case. Often, one of the first things an insurance company or defense attorney will do is search your social media accounts for any posts that could be harmful, or incriminating, to your case.

Once you share your information online, that information is no longer confidential. That means the other party in the lawsuit can find out about it and use it to their advantage. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Posting photos or videos about the accident
  • Posting photos or videos of your injuries, treatment or recovery
  • Discussing people involved in the accident
  • Talking about what you will do with your settlement money
  • Posting anything that you have discussed privately with your attorney


With that in mind, here are 3 tips you should follow to avoid weakening your case through the use of social media.

Never talk about your injury case online

Avoid discussing your case online entirely. Even what seems innocent could be used against you in a deposition or at trial.

Rather than trying to figure out how everything you post might be used against you, it’s best to just avoid posting about your case entirely.

Also, make sure your friends and family members keep quiet online too, posting about your case or tagging you in any posts or pictures while your case is pending could be very damaging.

Take your accounts offline or make them private

The best thing for your case is to avoid using social media altogether while the case is pending. 

When that’s not easy or possible, making your social media accounts private is the next best thing. This won’t guarantee that outside parties can’t view your account, but it will limit the possibility.

Overwhelmed by social media privacy settings? Click here to learn how to manage your social media privacy.

Everything digital can be recovered

Do you think your Facebook stories and Instagram video clips disappear? Don’t count on it. Just because you delete something or use a service that expires your posts does not mean they are out of reach. Content never really goes away, because even if you delete certain things, there are still ways to find them. Digital forms of communication are almost always recoverable including social media posts, photos, emails even text messages.

If you want to understand more about how your online presence might impact your lawsuit, talk to your attorney.

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