The snowplows hit the road in a race with time to clear the roads before conditions get treacherous and the safety of drivers is threatened. Occasionally, these plows hit parked vehicles. Commercial Vehicle Accidents of this nature are more common than you might think. 

So what do you do if a snowplow damages YOUR car? It really depends on what information and proof you have regarding the accident.

File the claim on your insurance policy.

Filing the claim on your own insurance policy is the easiest way to go. You do need collision coverage in order to file the claim. Both broad and limited collision makes it so you do not pay a deductible. Give your insurance carrier the details of the accident and if they have enough information, they can go after the at-fault party for the damages. If you have standard collision, the same process applies however you will have to pay your listed deductible. It is possible to get reimbursed for the deductible if your insurance carrier is able to go after the at-fault party.

Do you know what snow plow company or municipality caused the damage?

If you do not have collision coverage, you will need to try and file a property damage claim against the at-fault snowplow. Maybe the snow tracks clearly indicate a snowplow is to blame for the damage to your vehicle. However, if you do not know exactly who caused the damage, you will not be able to file a claim.

Contact the responsible snow company to file a claim. Search online for your city’s rules on snow plow damage. Most cities have forms you can fill out online to submit a claim. Then a representative will contact you to start the claim process.

Do you have any proof a snowplow damaged your car?

It really does not take much to prove a snowplow damaged your vehicle, yet it still can be hard to get. Take a look at what typically qualifies as proof.

Do your best to protect your vehicle from snowplow damage. Especially during a major snowstorm, snowplow workers are overworked and driving heavy machinery. They may not even realize they caused damage to your vehicle. Always legally park your vehicle and follow your city’s rules. Look out for Snow State of Emergencies which prohibits road parking.

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