Personal Injury Clients Review Dussault & Zatir Best! 

Jim Dussault is one of the best attorneys I’ve ever had, not only is this my 2ND time of me having him take care of my case but also would like to give BIG thanks to the secretary for always answering any of my questions and always returning my phone calls as soon as she could. I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone.
Carlos Bergollo

New Bedford, MA

When I got rear ended in a car accident and was found “at fault,” I was referred to come here by a co-worker. At that point I have never spoken to a lawyer, nevermind hired one for anything. I was assigned Peter Carvelli, when I went in to talk to him for the first time, I was nervous and didn’t know what to say or do. Peter asked me a few questions then took care of everything. The only thing I had to do was take care of myself which is when he referred me to a great Chiropractor who made me feel 10x better.
NThe entire time working with Peter was pleasant. He had a positive and fun personality, he also broke everything that was going on down for me to understand which made me feel comfortable and happy. The entire process was much faster than I anticipated as well, I received money within a year from the accident. No, I didn’t get a million dollars but what I did get was more money than I had! So my experience is rated 5 stars, and I would recommend him to anyone!
Amanda Deslauriers

New Bedford, MA

Peter was a great lawyer! Very friendly and professional. He Helped me get a good chunk of money for my car accident even after the insurance company tried to lower the offer. Great guy! Would definitely recommend going to see Dussault & Zatir!
Marco Beltrame

Dartmouth, MA

I got into a car crash a couple years ago and I came back to see Dussault & Zatir because I need to get compensated for my lost wages and damages. The lawyers were wonderful to me and me and my family. When I first got in the accident I was transported by ambulance to the hospital in Taunton. I ended up settling out of court that’s what I liked about it won’t have to go to court take time off from work and have recommended Dussault & Zatir three other people recently within the past year.
J. James

Taunton, MA

I got rear ended on Route 18 in New Bedford, my car was really damage. I went to Dussualt & Zatir and they were able to help me out a lot ! Everyone was very friendly and professional. Got compensated for all the damage and everything in a short period of time ! Love them all ! Great team

Eda M Almendares

New Bedford, MA

Working with Jim was a very pleasant experience. I would recommend Jim to my family and friends!

Janice T

New Bedford, MA

I got into a car accident back in June for when I got hit I got hit pretty hard and it was pretty bad, property damage but my main concern was, a few months earlier I found out I was pregnant so I went to the hospital, right away they told me that I was going to need follow-up care. My aunt referred me Dussault & Zatir and every time I called my lawyer answered the phone and he worked around my schedule. I go to school for nursing and I work so he always worked around my schedule. They settled my case for an amount that I was more than happy with and the best part was that we didn’t even have to go to court.
T. Costa

New Bedford, MA

 I had an accent in August where I was at a light and got rear-ended, we were hurt, myself, my husband, mom and two kids we in the car. The car had damage to the bumper, but that was not my concern, my concern was my son Ryan, because of his heart condition, he has heart disease — after that, after I knew he was fine I knew it was time for Dussault and Zatir. After not even a year passed by, my case was settled, everything went very quickly, it was better than expected.
S. Castillo

Fall River, MA