With high traffic regions around New Bedford, Fall RiverProvidence and all throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island, the need for focus to prevent car accidents multiplies as does the importance to avoid habits like distracted driving. If your looking for a smart resolution this New Year, make it about making driving priority one!

Common Types of Distracted Driving

Statistics show that taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds can double your risk of being in a car accident. Unfortunately, most drivers engaging in distracted driving behaviors are losing sight of the road long enough to quadruple their risk of an accident. 

  • Smartphones / Devices – Those little notifications and conversations can wait until you’re safely done driving. If something is time-sensitive, pull over and tend to it.
  • Eating / Drinking – Whether you’re opening or unwrapping food to eat, or you’re focusing on not dripping or spilling, those small moments of focus can be costly.
  • Primping – Whether it’s applying make-up on your way to a big meeting or trying to give your beard a quick trim with a cordless razor, please DO NOT do it while driving!
  • Tinkering – Adjusting your radio/music, or focusing on a navigation device will take your attention away from the road. Set yourself up BEFORE you start driving.
  • Meeting / Planning – It may seem like a smart idea to hop in on that conference call or to quickly pop a date into your calendar before you forget it, but focusing on these things while driving is not a good idea. It only takes a second or two for a car accident to occur.

Tips To Help You Avoid Distracted Driving And Focus On The Road

  • Use your cell phone for emergency situations only – While you’re driving, a cell phone should only be used for emergency purposes. Even then, it’s best to pull over safely to the right shoulder to make a call. Even hands-free devices can still cause you to miss important visual and audio cues needed to avoid a crash. 
  • If you are drowsy, pull off the road – Drowsy driving increases the risk of a crash by nearly four times. A government study showed that 37 percent of U.S. drivers have nodded off or actually fallen asleep at least once during their driving careers. If you feel tired, get off the road; don’t try to get home faster.  
  • Avoid habits like eating while driving – Being busy is no excuse for distracted driving. Finishing your breakfast on the way to work or school may seem like a time-saver, but it means you are less attentive to the drivers around you. Food spills are a major cause of distraction.
  • Do your multi-tasking outside of the car – Many people spend a lot of time in their vehicles, and it may seem like the perfect time to get little things done: calling friends, searching for good music, maybe even text messaging. Don’t do it. Focus on the road and the drivers around you. Get everything settled before you start driving.
  • Take your time driving – The entire object is to keep yourself and your passengers safe on the road.

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