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How Do I File For Workers’ Comp In Massachusetts?

According to the National Safety Council, an employee is injured on the job in the United States every seven seconds. These workplace accidents can be life-changing, leading to severe and catastrophic injuries or accidental death. There are safety regulations and guidelines in place to prevent these workplace injuries and it is the responsibility of every company to adhere to these regulations. In the event that an injury takes place on the job, the workers’ compensation program is meant to cover the employee’s injuries until they are well enough to work again. 

Workers’ compensation is an insurance program, mandated by each state that covers employees for workplace injuries / illnesses that happen on the job. Employees benefit from the program by receiving medical care and lost wages after sustaining a work-related injury or illness. See more about Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation.

The first thing any employee should do after suffering a workplace injury is to seek immediate medical attention. They will then want to inform the employer of their injury in writing by filling out an injury form that they must submit to the employer. Most companies will have these forms on hand. Submittal of this and contacting a workers’ comp attorney is the beginning of the workers’ compensation claim process.

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