Have you been injured at work and are wondering about the benefits you’re eligible for? 

In the state of Massachusetts, employers are legally obligated to have workers’ compensation insurance available for all employees and there are two main forms of available benefits: medical benefits and lost wages. 

At Dussault and Zatir we have been successfully helping injured workers for over 30 years. With deep SouthCoast roots, we have a long history of experience in  workers’ compensation law. We believe that you deserve to make a full recovery — and you deserve to receive full and fair compensation for your injuries. Only with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney can you enforce your right to receive the amount that your case warrants. Don’t wait any longer, give our team a call today.

If you were injured during the course and scope of your employment, regardless of the type of injury, you are eligible to receive workers compensation benefits.

If you suffer a work related injury that requires medical attention, workers compensation insurance provides the means for adequate and reasonable medical care, prescription reimbursement, and mileage reimbursement for travel both to and from doctors visits.  In addition to those medical benefits, there are two primary forms of loss of wages benefits that are available to you. 

Temporary Total Disability Benefits are available if the work related injury or illness prevents an injured worker from returning to work for six calendar days.  These benefits are paid at a rate of 60% of the injured workers gross average weekly wage from the prior 52 weeks and an injured worker is eligible to receive these benefits for up to 156 weeks, or three years.  

Temporary Partial Incapacity Benefits are available to an injured worker if they are able to work but unable to perform the same tasks or earn the same amount as they did before the injury occurred.  The maximum partial incapacity benefit rate is 75% of the injured workers total disability benefit amount and an employee may receive these benefits for up to 260 weeks, or 5 years. 

In the case of severe injuries, Permanent and Total Incapacity Benefits may be available to an injured worker.  These benefits are received at 66% of an employee’s average weekly wage and may be received for as long as the injured worker is unable to return to work.  If the worker sustained permanent loss of function to a specific body part, disfigurement, or scarring to the hands, neck, or face, there are additional benefits they may also qualify for. 

Worried you may lose your job over your injury? Don’t fret! While an employer does have the option to terminate employment while an injured worker is receiving worker’s compensation benefits, the injured worker would still be eligible to receive said benefits despite loss of employment. It is also worth noting that if, for some reason, a worker is injured at work and their employer does not have active worker’s compensation coverage, the Workers’ Compensation Trust Fund exists to provide those workers with benefits as the lack of coverage is no fault of their own. 

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