As an outdoor worker, you are susceptible to heat stroke and heat stress. You may be asking, “Can I receive Workers’ Compensation for injuries/ sickness related to extreme heat?”. 

Who Is At Risk?
Construction workers, landscapers, factory workers, surveyors, and others who spend most of their working hours outdoors or in extreme heat are at increased risk for heat-related injuries this time of year. To be considered work related, an injury must be caused by or aggravated by your work duties or the condition of your workplace.

Symptoms of Heat Stress

If you experience any of these types of heat stress while on the job, you should notify your supervisor and seek medical attention immediately. Employers should take the necessary precautions to keep their employees safe at work. 

Prexisting Conditions

Sometimes, people can get  heart attacks triggered by heat , or obese people are  more susceptible to heat stroke . Employers will try to argue that the heat stroke was caused by preexisting conditions and is not work related. However, you can still get workers’ compensation if a work condition aggravated your preexisting condition causing you a new injury.

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