We’ll be celebrating across Massachusetts and Rhode Island again this weekend since as Tom Brady and the New England Patriots go for their sixth Super Bowl win! Whether you’re heading to a Super Bowl Sunday party at a sports bar like Strikers on Hathaway Rd. in New Bedford and SkyLine at Waterplace in Providence, or heading over to a friend’s party, it’s important to party responsibly and drive sober. The roads will be full of distracted drivers and people driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana and cannabis/THC edibles before and after the big game. Here are some tips to help assure that you and those you share the road with get to and from their destinations safe and sound. Go Pats!

Getting To And From Your Super Bowl LIII Party Safely 

  • Never drive under the influence – According to the Center for Disease Control, nearly a third of all traffic-related deaths are due to drunk driving. The numbers only increase when you add factors like people driving under the influence of cannabis/THC and other drugs, as well as growing incidents of distracted driving. Alcohol and other drugs impair judgement and reaction time behind the wheel. Driving under the influence is NEVER a smart idea.
  • Designate a safe ride home – If you and your friends are planning on having a few drinks or consuming recreational marijuana, make sure to avoid driving drunk or stoned at all costs. Choose a sober designated driver for the evening. Make sure that your designated driver is someone who you trust to refrain from intoxicants for the entire evening. 
  • Use Taxis & Ride-sharing – If you find yourself in a situation in which you or your driver have become unable to drive sober, there are always other options. Call a taxi or request a ride from Uber or Lyft. It’s worth a few dollars to avoid the potential for a life-changing tragic car accident. It might even be a good idea to leave the car at home and plan to use these options as your transportation for the evening. 
  • Stay alert on your ride home – After the game is over there will likely be people on the road who are driving under the influence. Drive defensively to avoid car accidents with drunk drivers on the road. Leave plenty of space between your vehicle and others, and always assume that they are potentially drunk or distracted drivers.
  • Be a responsible host – If you’re the one hosting a Super Bowl party for family or friends, try to keep an eye on any guests who may be drinking too much alcohol throughout the evening. If you feel someone is intoxicated and may be planning to drive, it may be a good idea to offer to let them stay over to sleep it off or at least stay long enough to have some food and coffee to sober up before hitting the road. It might be an embarrassing or interaction, but it’s well worth it to potentially save the life of your friend as well as others on the road. They’ll thank you for it.

Driving Under The Influence Can Lead To Catastrophic Injury & Accidental Death 

Drunk driving accidents have the potential to be deadly because the driver operating under the influence may not react, brake or steer clear before impact. For the victim of a drunk driving car accident the damages can vary from dashboard injurieswhiplash and concussions, to more serious catastrophic injuries like loss of limbstraumatic brain injuries (TBI) or spinal cord injuries which will change their life forever. As stated before, drunk driving is responsible for nearly a third of all car accident fatalities. 

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