Dog bites happen every day throughout the suburbs and cities of New Bedford, Fall River and Providence. The injuries sustained can vary from a minor nip to serious catastrophic injury. Let’s take a look at our dog bite laws here in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Strict Liability Dog Bite Law

Massachusetts and Rhode Island are “strict liability” dog bite states. This means that in these states, dog owners are still liable for injuries their dogs cause even if the owner had no prior knowledge that the dog would bite or cause injury. This applies to all injuries caused by dogs, from being attacked or bitten to being knocked over and injured. 

Rhode Island’s “One Bite” Law

In Rhode Island, if someone is bitten or injured by a dog while on the property of the dog owner, the strict liability dog bite statute does not apply. Instead, an injured person must seek liability under the “one bite” rule. This rule states that a dog owner is only liable for a dog bite injury if the owner knew or had reason to know that the dog would act aggressively.

Have You Been Bitten or Injured by a Dog

If you’ve been bitten or injured by a dog or any other pet, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your options with one of our experienced attorneys. We help you to get the compensation that you deserve. 

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*The above is not to be considered as legal advice. Every case is different and the laws which apply may differ from state to state.

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