Distracted driving is a leading cause of auto-pedestrian accidents in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. In the quick moment that you look down to take a bite of your sandwich or check a text, a person could appear in front of your vehicle. Wait until you get to your destination to take care of texting, emails, eating, etc…

Distracted Drivers Cause Auto-Pedestrian Car Accidents
Getting struck by a car while walking will most likely leave the victim with serious catastrophic personal injury, and in some cases accidental death, leaving the surviving family members to pick up the pieces. Most of the time when a pedestrian is struck by a car, it is due to the driver’s negligence. Multi-tasking is most always the cause. Avoid these types of distracted driving:
  • Smartphones / Devices – Those little notifications and conversations can wait until you’re safely done driving. If something is time-sensitive, pull over and tend to it.
  • Eating / Drinking – Whether you’re opening or unwrapping food to eat, or you’re focusing on not dripping or spilling, those small moments of focus can be costly.
  • Primping – Whether it’s applying make-up on your way to a big meeting or trying to give your beard a quick trim with a cordless razor, please DO NOT do it while driving!
  • Tinkering – Adjusting your radio/music, or focusing on a navigation device will take your attention away from the road. Set yourself up BEFORE you start driving.
  • Meeting / Planning – It may seem like a smart idea to hop in on that conference call or to quickly pop a date into your calendar before you forget it, but focusing on these things while driving is not a good idea. It only takes a second or two for a car accident to occur.

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