Factors like distracted driving, drowsy driving and drunk/drugged driving cause serious car accidents and truck accidents on the busy highways and city streets of Fall River, Taunton, New Bedford, Providence and other towns throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island every day. One moment you can be driving home from Christmas shopping in DownCity Providence or the Silver City Galleria on Route 140 in Taunton and out of nowhere a distracted driver crashes into you leaving you severely injured. Injuries sustained in any type of car crash can vary from whiplash, concussions and broken bones to more life-changing injuries like brain damage, paralysis and amputation of limbs. Beyond just the settlement for medical bills and damage to property, the claimant may be awarded additional compensation for “pain and suffering“.

What Is “Pain & Suffering”?

Coming away from any type of motor vehicle accident or auto-pedestrian accident with severe catastrophic injuries can be not only debilitating, but life-changing both physically and emotionally. Not only will the injured party need to be compensated for economic losses such as damage to property, piling up medical bills and wages lost, but many cases may also call for a payment of damages for “pain and suffering” to help the victim to feel whole again and enable them to move forward with their life.

Severe injury can cause physical and mental anguish for weeks, sometimes months following a car accident. The injured party may be suffering a great deal physically, for example if one were dealing with chronic pain with headaches/migraines from whiplashconcussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI), or in other cases an individual may be suffering through the mental anguish of coping with the anxiety, fear and shame of learning to move forward after a catastrophic injury leading to paralysis or loss of a limb

Factors like “the severity of the injury”, and “to what degree has the injured claimant suffered” will likely come into consideration when calculating damages for pain and suffering. As always, individual claims vary from case to case so it’s very important to start by speaking with an experienced personal injury lawyer to what type of damages to seek.

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