Auto-Pedestrian Accidents tend to happen in more densely populated areas like New Bedford, Providence, and other urban areas throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. As with Motorcycle Accidents and Auto-Bicycle Accidents, severe catastrophic injury and wrongful death are more common due to the vulnerability of the victim.  

The Common Causes of Auto Pedestrian Accidents

Distracted Driving – Distracted driving is a leading cause of auto-pedestrian accidents all over Massachusetts and Rhode Island. In the quick moment that a driver looks down to take a bite of their sandwich or check a text, a person could appear in front of their vehicle with no time to react.

Unmarked Crosswalks – While using a crosswalk will decrease the chance of being hit by a car, not all of the crosswalks in our New England towns and cities are properly marked. A clearly marked, freshly painted sidewalk greatly decreases the likelihood of auto-pedestrian accidents. 

Left-Hand Turns – Statistics show that three times as many pedestrians will be hit by vehicles turning left than by those turning right due to both parties looking in different directions. A driver will likely pay more attention to the intersection, while most pedestrians will be looking straight.

Drunk/Drugged Driving – Operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs, and certain prescription medications will greatly impair the driver’s judgement and reaction time. They may not even see the pedestrian in the crosswalk until it’s too late. 

Drivers’ Duty of Care

When a driver passes their test and gets their driver’s license they accept the responsibility to always exercise reasonable care in everything they do while behind the wheel. If they fail to do so and cause an auto-pedestrian accident, this is known as negligence. The biggest examples of driver negligence include distracted driving, speeding, failing to yield to pedestrians, disobeying traffic signs, disregarding weather, and driving under the influence.

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