How well do you know the distracted driving laws in Massachusetts?

Here are the top searched questions online about Massachusetts distracted driving laws & their surprising answers:

  1. Is texting while driving illegal in Massachusetts? Massachusetts Safe Driver law bans texting while driving, and bans drivers under the age of 18 from operating a vehicle while using any electronic device, even with a “hands-free” device.
  2. Can you eat while driving in Massachusetts? Think it’s okay to have a quick meal while navigating the roadways? Be aware you can get a ticket for “impeded operation” which is a broad legal term for anything that interferes with a driver’s ability to operate a car.
  3. Can you talk on the phone and drive in Massachusetts? The law bans sending, typing or reading electronic messages to or from handheld devices while operating a motor vehicle. This includes the use of the internet and text messaging. The law also bans all handheld electronic by junior operators while behind the wheel. But as of now, talking and driving is still legal.
  4. Is it illegal to drive with a dog in your lap? At DZ we love our dogs, but driving with pets can lead to distracted driving accidents. In Massachusetts, it is unlawful for drivers to allow anything to interfere with or impede the proper operation of the vehicle and that could be fido!
  5. Can you drive while using headphones in Massachusetts? Drivers are always looking for new ways to employ hands-free technology while driving so people often ask about earbuds and headphones. As it turns out, wearing one earbud is allowed, wearing two is not. 

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Massachusetts laws have placed serious restrictions on what people can do with their phones in their cars and distracted drivers still pose a serious risk to everyone on the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that in 2017 over 3,166 people lost their lives and more than 350,000 were injured in distraction-related crashes. 

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