Ah, the freedom of riding around on a bicycle. It’s healthy and energy efficient. Some people ride for transportation purposes, some for leisure, and many for both. Regardless of why you find yourself on a bicycle now and then, Bicycle Safety is important!


7 Tips For Bicycle Safety:

Assure Bicycle Readiness. Is your bicycle properly adjusted? Is your saddle in a comfortable position? Check your brakes and your wheels. Make sure that “quick release” wheels are properly secured.

Protect Your Head. Wear a helmet. In a majority of bicyclist deaths, the most serious injuries are to the head, highlighting the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet. Helmet use has been estimated to reduce head injury risk by 85 percent.

Stay Visible. If drivers can see you, they are less likely to hit you. Use reflectors, headlights, and tail lights when biking at night or in low-light conditions. Lighter colored or reflective clothing is a smart idea as well.

Look, Signal & Look Again. Use hand signals to let drivers and other bicyclists know where you’re going. ALWAYS look and make eye contact. Don’t assume drivers will stop.

Stay Alert. Keep a lookout for holes in the road or obstacles in your path.

Act like a Car. Drivers are used to the patterns of other drivers. Don’t weave in and out of traffic. The more predictably you ride, the safer you are. Check for traffic. Be aware of traffic around you. Bike in the direction of traffic, and obey all traffic laws, lights, and signage.

Don’t Get Distracted. Don’t listen to music or talk on the phone while riding. Stay focussed on riding and avoiding the many distracted drivers out there these days!

If You’ve Been Injured

If you are injured due to a driver’s negligence while riding your bicycle, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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