Winter weather is on our doorstep here in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Each year snow and ice on our roads leads to serious increases in the frequency of car accidents and motor vehicle related injury and deaths all over Southern New England. Here are some common causes:

Slippery Snow & Ice On the Roads

Our cities and towns like New Bedford, Fall River and Providence try to keep up with sanding/salting the roads and highways when we have a winter storm, but this doesn’t protect us 100% from sliding off of the road or into another vehicle. Icy, snowy roads can be dangerously slippery even for the most skilled winter drivers. Always drive cautiously in these conditions and don’t drive unless you need to.

Overly Aggressive Drivers

Aggressive winter drivers and distracted drivers can be as big of a threat as the weather itself. If a driver is over-confident in their winter driving abilities it can pose a threat to all of the other drivers out on the roads. This behavior is the cause of many car accidents, many of which involve other more cautious drivers. No matter how skilled of a winter driver you fancy yourself, please always be aware that snow and ice create situations which are beyond ANYBODY’s control.

“Black” Ice

“Black ice” is virtually transparent, which is what makes it all the more dangerous. It tends to form quickly in the nighttime hours and into the morning. When you find yourself driving on black ice, you have little to no control over your vehicle. Needless to say, this is the cause of MANY a winter motor vehicle accident. 

Be Safe, Drive Defensively

Your best bet during inclement winter weather is to not go out driving unless you absolutely need to. When you do find yourself behind the wheel make sure to drive carefully, and to drive defensively. you never know when another less cautious driver is going to come sliding into your lane. Just drive that much slower and be that much more aware.

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