When you are injured in a car accident, at some point you may have to deal with an insurance adjuster. Insurance adjusters are not necessarily out to cheat you, but they do have their own interests. Their job is to resolve each claim without having to pay too much, and without seeking the approval of their supervisor to settle the claim for an amount in excess of their authorization limit. Understanding how the claims process works, what an insurance adjuster does, and what you can do to protect yourself, will help you in getting what you deserve from your claim. 

What does an insurance adjuster do?

Insurance adjusters work for insurance companies to investigate the facts surrounding your claim. After investigating, the adjusters have the responsibility of negotiating a potential settlement on behalf of the insurance company.

These adjusters are the people with whom you talk to about settling your claim. Sometimes adjusters might go under different titles, such as claims representative, claims specialist, or by similar terminology. While other times, the insurance company might be represented by an attorney. Regardless of the title, it’s the insurance adjusters job to try to obtain the best possible settlement for the insurance company.

How does the insurance claims process work?

Basically, the insurance claim process is a settlement negotiation. After you suffer your injury, and you file your claim, the negotiation process begins. The claim states the nature of your injuries and the amount the insured must pay you to settle the claim. Next, the insurance company, through the insurance adjuster, will negotiate with you, typically by first investigating, and then by making a counteroffer. The counteroffer is most always lower than your initial offer. This process of offer and counteroffer can go on for quite some time until a settlement agreement is reached.

Hire An Experienced Attorney

For most people, having an attorney deal with the adjuster on their behalf is far less stressful than doing it on their own. Not only that, but an experienced attorney negotiating a settlement can often achieve far better results than an injured victim trying to do it all themselves.

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