A recent Forbes article took up the important issue of commercial vehicle accidents and the current state of affairs between the trucking industry and safety advocates. One of the issues the article highlights is the way the transportation industry, particularly trucking, is represented in the media with respect to its attention to safety issues. Very often, it is argued, the trucking industry is represented in a poor light when in many cases it is other motorists who are at fault for accidents.

The argument is not the only take on the situation, though. As others have pointed out, public attention to truck accidents is actually not where it should be, despite the fact that these accidents are not uncommon, killing almost 4,000 each year. 

Within the trucking industry, some of the blame is put on the hours-of-service regulations, which have apparently increased daytime trucking activity on our highways by putting more specific requirements on when truckers must rest. Some plaintiff’s attorneys, on the other hand, point to things like unsafe brakes as major culprits in truck accidents. This, of course, is disputed by some trucking safety advocates.

What is obvious to the unbiased observer is that there is little consensus about who is at fault and how to deal with it. Without greater consensus, the problem is bound to get worse. All can agree that safety is a big area of improvement in the trucking industry, though, and hopefully more consensus will emerge as we move forward in address the problem.

Of course, victims of truck accidents also need to understand their right to receive just compensation from responsible parties. This is especially the case for those who are harmed by negligent truck drivers. In such cases, an experienced personal injury attorney is indispensable.


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