Watching our children grow up is not easy. At some point, we need to trust them to make the right decisions when we’re no longer guiding them, and watch them learn from their own mistakes. When it comes to driving however, we can’t afford to let them make mistakes. A mistake while driving could mean injury or death to themselves or others. They need to be armed with driving skills and more importantly, an understanding of motor vehicle safety.


The Facts

With so many more distractions these days, educating our children on the importance of being a responsible driver is more necessary than ever. The best way to begin is to know the statistics that we’re dealing with. Here are some facts about teens and driving:

These cold, hard facts are disturbing indeed. The best guide that we can be for our teenagers is to provide them with knowledge before they begin to leave the nest. Make sure that they understand that while driving, focusing on the road is priority ONE!

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