It should come as no surprise that Distracted Driving is a serious problem with teenagers who are new behind the wheel.We live in a technological world and many of our children, even teens have grown up their entire lives with the presence of smartphones, tablets, etc.. Our best defense in protecting our teens as well as the safety our those around us is, you guessed it… education!

Some Common Causes of Teen Distracted Driving

  • Passengers: Sometimes a teen driver’s worst enemy can be his/her friends. For a new driver, being in a chaotic environment where everyone is talking, listening to music, etc. can take their attention away from the road and lead to tragic results.
  • Smart Phones/Tablets: Smart phones are the leading cause of Distracted Driving these days. Teenagers can hardly put the phone for a moment because their excite to respond or are worried that they might miss something. Driving while texting, messaging, or even talking can be a hazardous and illegal distraction. 
  • Driving Under the Influence: Sadly, our children are surrounded by temptations and pressures from those around them to drink alcohol, smoke marijuana, or take pills. This is a problem in general, but when you pair it with driving a motor vehicle is becomes a MAJOR problem which could result in injury or even death.

What Can A Parent Do?

The best thing that we can do as parents is to teach our teenagers about these different causes or Distracted Driving and to emphasize the seriousness and responsibility that the privilege of driving holds. Teach them that as adults we face consequences for our actions and that answering a text or looking cool to their friends is just plain not worth it.

Injured By A Distracted Driver

If you or a loved one are ever injured by the negligence of a Distracted Driver, do not hesitate to contact us and speak with one of our experienced attorneys, available 24/7.

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