Slip-and-Fall Accidents can be extremely expensive and frustrating, especially when it happens because of another person’s negligence. Premises liability is the legal responsibility of property owners to ensure their property is safe and free from hazardous conditions. This includes removing tripping hazards, cleaning up slippery floors, lighting outdoor areas appropriately, and more.

Types of Premises Liability

There are 3 distinct types of premises liability. Each one pertains to the property owner, because a homeowner is different from a landlord, who is different from a business owner. The 3 types are as follows:

  • Homeowner Liability – This pertains to a homeowner’s responsibility to keep his/her property safe. Learn more about homeowners’ insurance and who can be held accountable if you’re injured on their property.
  • Renter and Landlord Liability – Liability becomes a bit more complex when there’s a renter and landlord involved. We’ll explain who is responsible and who isn’t when someone’s injured at an apartment, townhouse, or other rented space.
  • Business Owner Liability – Perhaps the most recognized form of premises liability, because customers are often aware of wet floor signs, salted sidewalks, and lobby weather mats. Learn more about who’s responsible when you’re injured at a place of business.

The Key Factors for Premises Liability

For a property owner to be held liable for an injury suffered through a slip and fall on their land, one or all of the following must be true:

  • The property owner caused the dangerous condition (such as a spill, or other slippery, hazardous surface).
  • The property owner had known about the dangerous condition and ignored it (e.g., a snow-covered walkway that wasn’t cleared in a reasonable timeframe).
  • The property owner was notified of the hazardous conditions, but didn’t correct it (e.g., notifying a landlord of a broken step, they don’t fix it, and it injures a tenant or guest).

Have You been Injured Due To A Property Owner’s Negligence?

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