Car accidents can take a wide variety of forms, from head-on collisions, to run-off-road collision, wrong-way crashes, and small overlap crashes. Another type of accident, and one which took the life of a Massachusetts woman last weekend, is rollover crashes.

The accident apparently occurred on Sunday when the motorist—the accident victim’s sister— lost control of her vehicle and struck a guardrail, which caused her vehicle to roll. The driver’s sister was killed instantly under the impact of the crash. The cause of the accident is reportedly still under investigation. 

Rollover accidents can occur not only after a motorist strikes an object, but whenever a vehicle loses its balance and has sufficient speed and a surface conducive to flipping. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, rollover accidents involve a complex interaction of factors, including vehicle type, environmental conditions, road design, and driver behavior. Many rollover accidents, for instance, are caused by speeding, and even more are caused by use of alcohol. The majority of rollover accidents occur in rural areas, though they can obviously occur in high traffic areas as well.

Whatever the specifics factors involved in a particular case, it is important that those who are harmed in a rollover crash as a result of the negligence of another driver have the opportunity to obtain the compensation they deserve. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney helps ensure that accident victims have the best opportunity to be adequately compensated for their injuries and suffering.

Source:, “Woman Killed in Rollover Accident,” Maxine Giza, April 26, 2015.