Every day parents get their children ready for a day at school, ready for whatever trials and tribulations a young life has in store throughout any average school day. They wait with them at the bus stop and trustingly hand them off to the bus monitor to deliver them safely to school. However, school bus accidents do happen and this can be a dangerous environment to be in when an accident occurs.


School Bus Accident Factors

Accidents can occur at any point while the school bus is en route to its destination. Most often, the victims of school bus accidents are innocent pedestrians on the roadways or children waiting at their stop who are hit by an out of control bus or car.

Injuries sustained due to a bus accident can be more devastating than those of typical motor vehicle accidents. This is due to many factors, including:

Causes of School Bus Accidents

Numerous factors can lead to a school bus accident occurring, including:

Why You Need a School Bus Accident Attorney

The laws and regulations surrounding bus accidents are complicated. Depending on if the school is a public or private institution, negligent parties can include school districts, the private school itself, or private bus companies. If manufacturer negligence resulted in the accident, bus manufacturers may be held accountable; or, if inadequate roadways contributed, local government negligence may be responsible.

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