Let’s start the year off right! Here are some motor vehicle safety New Year’s resolutions that ought to make everyone’s driving experiences more safe and pleasant.

Keep right when cruising

Do your best to not cruise in the left lane, as trucks and other vehicles use this lane to pass. Blocking the left lane can lead to over agressive drivers trying to pass on the right, and that’s not good for anyone!

Use your directionals!

Use those blinkers to help show your fellow drivers what your next move is going to be. And make sure to click them on BEFORE you begin your lane change or turn, as opposed to AT THE SAME TIME as you are making your move.

Turning on red, the right way

If you live in a state in which “Right-on-red” is legal, make sure that you come to a complete stop first, and realize that any traffic with a green light has the right of way.

Speed Limits

Pay attention to the posted speed limits and follow them. Speeding can be dangerous and is more likely to cause accidents for yourself and those around you. Driving too slow when there aren’t poor road conditions can also be dangerous, as it frustrates other drivers as they try to figure out a way around. Again, it’s best to just stick to the posted speeds.

Pay attention at traffic lights

Not stopping for a red light is certainly the most dangerous, but not paying attention when a light turns green can be annoying to drivers behind you. There’s only so much time before the light goes red again. Help to get as many folks through as possible. 

Own your mistakes

If you’re lost, or you make a mistake and wind up in a wrong lane just accept that you may need to go somewhere safe to turn around and correct it. Blocking traffic to try to switch to a lane on the other side is inconsiderate and can lead to fender benders that will only make things worse for everyone

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