After a car accident, dog attack, or other various events which cause personal injury there are always the more obvious physical damages. Whether it be a broken arm, whiplash, a dog bite, the injury is plaing as day and not difficult to prove. However, emotional distress can be far more damaging and have a deeper impact on the victim, which may last for years and years. This being said, it is much more difficult to prove emotional distress. 


Unlike a broken arm/leg or a dog bite, there are no X-rays or scars that you can display to prove your injuries. Emotional distress is largely psychological. The suffering can be as great, if not greater than physical injuries, however plaintiffs can have a difficult time proving to a court they are entitled to damages.

Some Ways to Help Prove Your Claim

If you’re pursuing a claim for emotional distress, here are some ways you may be able to prove your claim:

Contact An Attorney

When making a claim for emotional distress, it’s important to work with an experienced personal injury attorney. as previously stated, proof can be very difficult in these claims, and your attorney can help guide you through.

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