Tragedy in Belchertown this past Wednesday as a 38-year-old man from Northampton was struck and killed by a freight train owned by New England Central Railroad. Pedestrian accidents like this only helps to solidify people’s concerns about trains speeding through their neighborhoods.

There are flashing red lights and sometimes a bar that comes down at some train crossings. While some crossings only have the lights and there are fears that may not always be enough to keep people from being hit.

Belchertown Police and railroad crews surrounded the tracks after a pedestrian was hit by a train. It was just after 9 o’clock Wednesday night when police received a call from the New England Central Rail Road saying a man had been hit by a train in the area of Warren Wright Road. When police arrived, they found the man dead.

According to Mary Carey of the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office, the man was identified Thursday afternoon as 38-year-old Shennan Stevens of Northampton. Investigators do not believe Stevens’ death came as the result of a crime, Carey says. Stevens was reportedly a homeless man.

“Safety is number one on a train situation. Yeah something should be done about that. Sad what happened, but yea safety should be number one.”, said Eduardo Rivera of Holyoke

The tracks at the Warren Wright Road crossing have flashing lights, but do not have a safety bar that comes down when a train is coming through.

Neighbors stated they’d like to see more done to warn people when a train is coming or to prevent them from being on the tracks. Ann Marie Walts of Westfield said, “I think that they all should have whatever flashing lights and bars so that it just brings your attention to the fact that there’s a train coming.’

The Belchertown Police, Massachusetts State Police and Northwestern DA’s office are still working to determine exactly what happened. Foul play is not suspected.

Sources: WWLP 

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