With the holiday shopping season comes holiday traffic. Some of the most congested and tough to manage places that you’ll find yourself driving will be parking lots. With so much going on in such confined areas, car accidents are bound to happen. If two cars collide in a parking lot, how do you prove fault? 

Driver Backs Out of Parking Space, Collides With Car Driving Down Parking Lane

If a collision occurs between a driver backing out of a parking space and someone driving down the parking lane, the collision will almost always be deemed the fault of the driver who is backing out.

People who are backing out of a parking space have the obligation to look carefully in both directions to make sure that the coast is clear before backing fully out.

A driver backing out of a space should pull out a little bit, just far enough to be able to see in both directions. Only after determining that no one is coming should he/she pull all the way out.

Driver Pulls Forward Out Of Parking Space And Collides With A Car Driving Down The Parking Lane

This type of collision will also usually be deemed the fault of the driver pulling out of the parking space.

The reason for this is that the rules of the road generally give the car that is going straight the right to continue doing that. A car that is doing something other than going straight has to defer to the car that is going straight. A car that is pulling out of a parking spot must generally wait for the car that is going straight down the parking lane to pass by.

Driver Turns Suddenly in Front of Oncoming Car to Get Parking Space

The general rule is that a driver should not make a left turn across oncoming traffic. The driver who wants to turn should wait until the traffic has passed. Once again, the rule applies equally in parking lots.

If a driver makes a sudden left turn into a parking spot and collides with a car coming from the opposite direction, the collision will usually be deemed the fault of the parking car.

Two Cars Back Out Of Opposite Parking Spaces and Collide

In this common type of collision, both drivers are making the same maneuver and so are under the same obligation. They both are supposed to look carefully before backing out to make sure that the coast is clear. This type of accident happens because each driver looks to make sure that no cars are coming down the parking lane, but they do not think about the possibility that someone is backing out right behind them. In this case, both drivers are likely to be deemed equally at fault.

Be cautious driving this holiday season!

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