As the snow has mounted from a historic Winter in New England, the roads have grown more and more narrow, and the car accidents are occuring more frequently. On some streets, there is barely enough room for two vehicles to pass each other with out bumping mirrors. The ice walls only slide the cars back down toward each other unpredictably. So, who’s fault is it when two cars passing, sideswipe each other?


Who Is At Fault?

This is a tough one for insurance assessors to determine. Generally, any time you sideswipe a car that is legally parked, you are at fault. If you cross a center line or a lane-division line and sideswipe another car travelling legally within their lane, you are at fault. If two cars sideswipe each other when both have crossed the painted line, they will share the fault in the accident. These scenarios become all the more difficult to prove when dealing with poorly treated Winter roads.

Unfortunately, in the eyes of an insurance company, it remains the driver’s responsibility to keep the vehicle under control no matter what the road conditions. Although icy, narrow roads can definitely contribute to an accident and no driver can be expected to control the weather, drivers must take extra precautions when driving in these conditions in order to avoid an accident.

Covering Your Bases

The best thing to do if you’re involved in any accident is to cover all of your bases:

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