May, as readers may or may not know, is an important time of year to be mindful of road safety, particularly with respect to motorcycles. With more motorcycles out on the roads, it is critical that all motorists keep in mind the potential safety risks involved with motorcycles.

The National Highway Transportation Administration considers two issues to be of particular importance. The first of these is the need for all motorists to share the road. As with bicyclists, there is too often the assumption among motorists that motorcyclists do not have as much right to be on the road as other vehicles. This is not true, though. Motorists need to operate their vehicles in such a way that they are always mindful of the presence of motorists. 

By the same token, motorcyclists have the obligation to follow the rules of the road. Failing to do so puts other motorists at risk and could lead to a reduced damages award in cases where another motorist causes an accident. One particularly important issue motorcyclists need to be aware of is drinking and riding. Research shows that a greater proportion of motorcyclists die in crashes than intoxicated motorists. Motorcyclists who ride while intoxicated not only put themselves at greater risk of becoming involved in an accident, but also greater risk of dying in an accident.

All that being said, motorcyclists also have the right to be fairly compensated when they are injured due to the negligence or recklessness of another motorist. Our firm is dedicated to representing crash victims, and those who work with us can be sure that their interests will be zealously represented.