In these days of distracted driving, with excessive cell phone use, texting, etc. the road has become an even more dangerous place for motorcyclists. With the rising temperatures comes a rising number of people hitting the roads on their motorcycles, but it should be noted that 62% of motorcycle fatalities occur between now and September. That’s why May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and with more riders revving up, motorists need to do their part to pay attention.


For Motorcyclists

Beware of these dangers while riding:

And remember, a helmet can save your life. Experts say they can reduce the risk of fatality by 37%. Wear it, it’s worth it!

For Other Drivers

Be aware of those around you on the highway and on backroads. Motorcycles can fit into your blind spots pretty easily, so make sure to do a double take.

Also, pay attention to the road. Save your texting, eating, etc. for when you’re not driving. It can save someone’s life, maybe your own.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also recommends motorists allow more follow distance when behind a motorcycle, three to four seconds. This can give them more time to maneuver or stop in an emergency.

For Everyone

Share the road, look out for each other, and ride safe!

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