Due their significantly smaller size, motorcycles can be difficult for some drivers, especially those who are distracted, to see. Motorcycle unawareness often leads to failure to yield, and other types of collisions involving motorcycles and passenger vehicles throughout New Bedford, and all of the U.S. As a result of motorcycle accidents, regardless of the cause, motorcyclists often suffer serious injuries, including broken bones and road rash. In many cases, those, who are injured in these types of situations, must receive medical treatment.

According to reports, a motorcyclist was seriously injured in a collision that happened in Chicopee recently. The man, who was riding the motorcycle, fractured his leg. There was no additional information disclosed, however, concerning his condition or the type of medical treatment he required and received.

The accident’s cause remains under investigation by law enforcement officers. News sources reported that an accident reconstruction team was working on the scene. It was not reported, however, what led up to the motorcycle and car colliding in an intersection. Additionally, there was no information disclosed regarding what factors may potentially have contributed to causing the accident, or which motorist had the right of way at the time of the crash.

People, who are injured in motorcycle accidents, often incur undue expenses as a result of their injuries. Particularly in cases when a crash is caused by the negligence of another driver, victims in these situations may be entitled to financial compensation. Working with an attorney is one way people, who have had this type of experience, to learn about their rights and options for seeking damages.

Source: WGGB.com, “Chicopee Police Investigating Serious Motorcycle Accident,” July 8, 2014