Readers may or may not have heard about a serious Megabus crash that occurred earlier this month outside Indianapolis. The bus reportedly crashed and rolled onto its side on the interstate with between 50 and 60 passengers aboard, resulting in multiple injuries. Such accidents, as readers know, happen from time to time—unfortunately, it is one of the risks of travelling by bus.

Already, the incident has become the subject of litigation, with eight passengers pursuing claims against the company for its failure to prevent the crash. According to sources, the plaintiffs are accusing the bus company of failing to correct mechanical problems with the bus, which they say shouldn’t even have been on the road given its condition. Among the contentions is that the bus’ windshield wipers were not working properly, and that this contributed to the crash.

Commercial bus accidents can and do happen, and the damages that can result from these accidents are significant. Companies utilizing commercial motor vehicles, of course, are bound by various rules pertaining to the maintenance of their vehicles, and failure to follow these rules can result in penalties as well as special damages in personal injury litigation.

Those who utilize a bus service should expect that the company is doing its part to maintain its vehicles, keeping them in safe, working condition. When passengers are harmed in a commercial motor vehicle accident, they have the right to receive appropriate compensation for their injuries and other losses. The key for accident victims in these cases is to work with an experienced attorney to ensure they build a strong case.

Source: NBC Chicago, “Passengers File Lawsuit After Indiana Megabus Rollover Crash,” October 24, 2014.