Insurance is an important, even critical, responsibility for those who choose to operate motor vehicles, and all of us should periodically review our policies to ensure we are adequately covered in the event of an accident. Something many people don’t think about when selecting insurance is how often they lend their vehicle to friends, neighbors, their children, how often they rent out their car through car-sharing services, and how many underinsured and uninsured motorists there are in their state. All of these factors should be considered when selecting the appropriate insurance.

A recent article by Consumer Reports lists a handful of steps people can take to mitigate their losses in the event an accident occurs when they lend their vehicle out. The important thing for those who lend their vehicle out is to make sure they understand the terms of their insurance policy and to make appropriate changes to the policy to mitigate risks.

Ensuring adequate insurance coverage on the front end is one thing, but actually receiving payments from the insurance company in the event of a crash is another. The fact is that insurance companies don’t always honor their obligations to policyholders, so in addition to seeking relief from the offending motorists, accidents victims may also find themselves having to  pursue their insurance company.

Motorists who experience troubles obtaining the payments that are due to them after a car accident are advised, of course, to work with an experienced attorney in holding their insurance carrier accountable to the terms of their agreement.

Source:, “When you lend your car, think about the insurance,” September 4, 2014.