Massachusetts readers are aware that the popularity of cycling has increased in recent years and that, along with it, there has been an increase in accidents involving bicyclists. There are a variety of reasons bicycle accidents occur, and as some have pointed out, getting a better understanding for the reasons bicycle accidents occur is going to be an important step toward improving bicycle safety in areas where these accidents are common.

According to a recent study out of Harvard, one way to gain a better understanding of in the area of bicycle accidents is for police to improve the way they report accidents. Accident reports which clearly lay out how bicycle accidents occurred would allow researchers to review the collective data and help local governments build safer infrastructure for both bicyclists and motorists. 

More descriptive police reports, in addition to helping improve safety for cyclists, could also help parties to determine liability more accurately. The benefit could go both ways: in some cases, cyclists are unfairly blamed for accidents they didn’t cause, while in other cases, motorists take more blame than is appropriate. The situation could be improved by law enforcement making a commitment to laying out, to the best of their knowledge, the details surrounding bicycle crashes.

Cyclists who suffer serious injury in a crash, of course, should always work with an experienced personal injury attorney in seeking damages from liable parties. Doing so ensures that they have the assistance they need in establishing liability from the appropriate parties and in maximizing their damages.