In recent years the growing trend toward environmental awareness has gotten more people thinking about dusting off the old bicycle and going for a spin. Whether it’s just for a leisurely cruise, or as a mode of transportation, there are plenty of folks out there pedaling about. With the increase of bicyclists it’s inevitable that there will also be an increase in auto-bicycle accidents. Sure, it’s their responsibility to obide by the rules of the road and ride defensively, but as drivers we need to do our part too.


What Can You, The Driver Look Out For?

You can do a lot of damage to a person on a bicycle. The best thing that you can do is be aware and drive with caution. There are many different types of auto-bicycle accidents to beware of. Here are a few:

Opening Doors. Make sure to check your rear view mirror before opening your driver’s side door (especially when there’s a bike lane). People tend to get their things together in the vehicle and then blindly pop the door open. This can cause a terrible accident to an unsuspecting bicyclist! 

The Right Turn. When dealing with just motor vehicles, the right turn isn’t a very risky maneuver. Generally, you have the right of way and don’t need to look out to much for another vehicle. However, you must look in that rear view in case there’s a bike right there! It’s quite common for bicyclists to get hit this way.

At The Interesection. Bicycles are part of traffic, even when it comes to the right of way at an intersection. Whether it’s a four way stop or a traffic light situation, drivers should not expect the bicycle to always yield. A biker can be seriously injured, if not killed by a head on collision with a car. 

In Closing

Just about everyone has a loved one who enjoys a bicycle as a mode of transportation or leisure. Let’s look out for each other. Share the road!

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