Rear-end, T-bone and head-on collisions occur every day on the roads of New Bedford, and throughout the U.S. Head-on crashes can be particularly dangerous because the impact takes on the forward force of both vehicles involved. The drivers and passengers who are involved in these types of car accidents often suffer serious injuries, including broken bones and other traumas. As a result, victims may require medical treatment and, in some cases, rehabilitation and ongoing care.

According to reports, a head-on collision that occurred in Cranston recently sent four children, some of whom had special needs, to the hospital. Four other people were also reportedly injured. They were also taken to a local hospital for treatment. There were no details released regarding the specific injuries that were sustained, or an update on the conditions of those who were injured. Two of the victims, it was reported, had serious injuries.

No information was released regarding the circumstances of the accident. It was not reported whether one of the drivers might have been at fault for causing the crash, or what may have contributed to its cause. Speed, distraction and other types of negligence are often contributing factors in these types of accidents.

When auto accidents result in serious injuries, it can often leave the victims facing undue expenses, in addition to what could be a lengthy recovery. People who have been involved in this type of experience may be entitled to financial compensation. They may benefit from discussing their situation with an attorney to understand their rights.

Source: WPRI 12 Eyewitness News, “Eight hurt in two-vehicle crash in Cranston,” Neil Remiesiewicz, June 28, 2014