Distracted Driving is no joke. It’s a serious problem on our roads. Most auto-accidents these days are caused in one way or another by distracted driving. Whether a distracted driver causes the accident by not paying attention to the road, or it hinders reaction time to an errant driver, the culprit is distracted driving. Here are some tips to remember to avoid the distractions:

Tips To Help You Focus On The Road

  1. Pull over if you NEED to use your phone. While driving, your phone should only be used for emergency purposes, and even then you should pull over safely before making your call. Social conversations can wait.  
  2. If you are drowsy, pull off the road. We all know the feeling of driving back from an event at night and starting to feel sleepy and just wanting to get home. If you’re feeling tired, get off the road. do not try to get home faster. 
  3. Manage the number of passengers, and amount of activity inside the car. When you’re going on a trip or to an event with a full car of passengers, make sure to let them know to keep loud conversation and activity down to a minimum to avoid driver distraction from the road. It’s okay to ask them to quiet down a bit.  
  4. Avoid eating while driving. Many people try to save time by squeezing in a meal on the way to work or between meetings in the car. Opening wrappers or managing food crumbs and spills can be a major cause of distraction. Set aside non-driving time to enjoy your meals. 
  5. Do your multi-tasking outside the car. You may spend a lot of time in your vehicle, which may seem like the perfect time to get some things done like confirming appointments, calling an old friend, etc.. It’s not worth it. It’s distracting and dangerous and these things can be done later.

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