Everybody knows that wearing a motorcycle helmet can reduce one’s chances of suffering a serious injury in a motor vehicle accident. Studies vary on exactly how much helmet contribute to safety, but a recent National High Traffic Safety Administration survey found that those who wear a helmet have a 29 percent better chance of living through a crash than those who do not.

Unfortunately, some bikers choose not to take advantage of the benefits of wearing a helmet and put themselves at risk. Another finding of the survey was that helmet use among bikers was at an average of 60 percent in 2013, with helmet use being higher in states with universal helmet laws. These laws, as readers may know, require all motorcyclists to wear helmets, whereas other states only require some categories of bikers to wear helmets. In some states, there are no helmet laws in place at all. 

Massachusetts is among the states which have universal helmet laws, but not every biker in this state chooses to abide by that law. Not only does this put them at risk of serious injury, it may also put them at risk of obtaining a lower damages award in a personal injury case, though it depends on the circumstances.

Massachusetts bikes who are harmed because of the negligence of another motorist should always work with an experienced personal injury attorney to help maximize damages, but especially in cases where they were not wearing a helmet at the time of the motorcycle crash.

Source: Claims Journal, “Motorcycle Helmets Increase Chances of Survival by 29%: GEICO,” October 16, 2015.