The topic of driving right for the elderly is a sensitive and difficult one to tackle for lawmakers. Certain factors of aging make driving more dangerous and can likely lead to and increased possibility of car accidents. We have to remember that driving a motor vehicle is a privilege, but not necessarily a right. 


How Aging Effects The Ability To Drive

By 65, seniors have experienced various physical changes that affect their capacity to operate a motor vehicle. By 75, these risk factors increase sharply, making them more susceptible to car accidents in general. Some characteristics of aging that explain the increased risk include:

Negligence In Elderly-Related Car Accidents

Massachusetts personal injury law provides a legal remedy for victims injured in traffic collisions involving elderly drivers. Negligent driving breaches a legal duty to others, resulting in financial responsibility for damages. Regardless of age, at-fault parties are liable for any injuries caused by their negligence. Drivers of every age are capable driving negligently. Examples of reckless driving include:

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