Any way you slice it, a car accident is a terrible thing to be avoided at all costs. “Knowing your enemy” can’t hurt. Here are some examples of common car accidents:

Low Speed Collision

Car accidents can happen at speeds as slow as one mile per hour. Accidents as low impact at these slow speeds include fender-benders and bumps. At its definition, a low speed impact can be defined as a collision under the speed of ten miles per hour. Usually these types of accidents happen while backing out of a driveway or parking area, or while driving through neighborhoods.

Frontal Impact

Bracing for impact can prepare your body for the shock of a collision, which means that frontal collisions allows the driver to see what is ahead and thus gives them enough time to react accordingly. The automatic reaction of oncoming danger is to brace the body, which can help absorb the shock. Frontal impact accidents often include trees, animals, cars, or other various obstructions of the road.

Rear Impact

An impact from the rear is almost as likely as a collision to the front of a vehicle. Rear impacts can also include fender-benders, or a distracted driver behind your vehicle. An accident hitting the rear of the car is almost always caused by the driver behind the impacted car. This thus means that this type of accident can be categorized as an “at fault” scenario.

While all accidents are caused by one of the drivers involved in a distraction, collisions in the rear are almost always caused by a distraction. 

Side Collision

In this particular kind of accident, the driver’s head will hit something to the side of them, such as the door and window. These types of car accidents are more dangerous than others due to the fact that no air bags protect the driver or any passengers from the sideways blow. The impact is also increased with the possibility of shattering glass

You as a driver can only control your own vehicle. While on the road, be prepared for any situation around you, and properly strategize according to your surroundings. In your car, always carry a camera to document any damage to you or the car, a notebook to record information should an accident occur, and a simple first aid kit.

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