It’s not uncommon to walk away from even a minor car accident with some degree of back and neck injury. You may be entitled to file a personal injury claim to a neck or back injury settlement. 

Some Common Injuries

The back and neck can sustain a number of injuries, including muscle strains, bone fractures, ligament tears, and nerve damage. A back or neck injury, from whiplash to spinal cord injury, can cause pain and suffering and significant life changes, including economic loss. In addition to medical expenses, you may be unable to work. A neck and back injury attorney can ensure that your wage losses are compensable under your accident/injury claim with an insurance company. 

Pain & Suffering

Most importantly, an experienced back and neck injury attorney will help maximum pain and suffering recovery with your neck and back injury compensation claim: Sometimes it takes years to recover from an accident. An attorney will take into consideration all future medical expenses, wage loss and pain and suffering that must be fully paid by the insurance company and/or parties responsible for your injuries in your back injury settlement or neck injury settlement.

Sometimes insurance companies, and even doctors or therapists hired by your Workers’ Compensation insurance company may attempt to discredit or downplay your injury; it is important that a personal injury lawyer helps you deal with these insurance companies. 

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