According to the National Safety Council, nearly half of all motor vehicle accidents are rear-end collisions. These types of car accidents can occur at slow or fast speeds, and are most often caused by a distracted driver paying attention to their phone, eating, applying make-up, or various other things. The degree of injury from these collisions can vary from very minor to life-threateningly serious. Let’s look at some of the more common injuries.



According to the National Safety Council, 20 percent of all people involved in rear-end collisions suffer a whiplash injury. Of those, almost 80 percent experience pain and soreness lasting longer than a week. Fifty percent have pain and soreness that lasts more than a year.

“Whiplash” is a term used to describe pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulder area that occurs when the neck, shoulders, and spine suddenly and violently move, or “snap” well beyond their normal range. Also referred to as hypertextension and hyperflexion, the sudden snapping of your neck, shoulders, and spine is like the motion of a whip as it snaps, hence the term whiplash.

Back injuries

The force of impact, even at low speeds, can result in compression of your spine and the disks located in the lower back area of the spinal column. It’s often referred to as “disk herniation.”

Face and head injuries 

Many rear-end auto accidents occur at speeds of less than 20 miles per hour. Although there are various factors involved in the deployment of an airbag, it’s commonly understood airbags deploy at speeds of 20 miles per hour and higher.

In a slow speed rear-end collision when airbags don’t deploy, your face can smash into the steering wheel. The force of the impact can break your nose, fracture your cheek and jawbone, and even detach your retina.

Seatbelt injuries

Seatbelts and harnesses are supposed to instantly and firmly hold your torso from striking the steering wheel, dashboard, sun visor, and even the console and shifting column. When your torso thrusts forward, the seatbelt can lacerate your skin and bruise your hip, chest, and torso area.

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