When in a crash, trucks typically cause much greater damage and harm than automobile accidents, as they are 20 times the size and weight of most other vehicles on the road. While each immediate case is individual and unique, we’ve put together some common causes of Truck Accidents.


The Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Driver Error

Of all the causes of trucking accidents, driver error is ten times more likely to be the cause of the crash than any of the other factors according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Factors such as driver fatigue, inattention, distractions, or substance abuse are the most common causes of driver error. Any one of these factors can lead to unnecessary risks and a driver’s inability to react to the dangers on our roadways, thereby causing a truck crash.

Truck Equipment Failure

The second most common cause of trucking accidents is equipment failure. Equipment failures can include design and manufacturing errors like defective tires or failure to provide reverse-detection warning devices, or mechanical issues such as improperly maintained brakes or tires. 

Weather conditions

Weather conditions have a major impact on the safety of big trucks. Due to the heavy weight of the trucks and their loads, braking distance is often hampered (increased) in bad weather. Big trucks cannot be stopped as quickly or steered as easily as cars. All too often commercial truck drivers don’t account for these limitations during adverse weather conditions. 

Improper Loading

When a truck’s load is not safely configured or distributed on the trailer, the load can cause the truck to malfunction when moving. A common type of improper loading results in an imbalanced load, causing a truck to top over when it would otherwise remain upright. 

Inexperienced Trucking Company

Finally, a growing cause of trucking accidents is the improper selection of truck drivers and companies to haul the shippers’ loads across our highways. While this is a growing cause of trucking accidents, shippers who need their product shipped by trucks, all too often simply contact a truck driver or company without ever checking to see if they or their trucks are in compliance with the FMSCA regulations to safely ship their loads.

Injured In A Commercial Truck Accident?

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