Earlier this month, a school bus carrying a total of 31 children was involved in a crash with two other vehicles. The accident apparently occurred when the school bus came to a stop, causing one of the oncoming vehicles to stop as well. The second oncoming driver, not realizing that the vehicle in front of it had slowed down, ended up rear-ending that driver and veering into the oncoming lane where it crashed into the stopped school bus.

Fortunately, none of the children on the school bus were hurt, but things don’t always turn out so well in school bus crashes. There are, of course, a variety reasons why school bus and other commercial vehicle crashes can happen. In some cases, the company that owns the commercial vehicles fails to properly discipline an unsafe driver. In other cases, accidents are due to failure to properly maintain the commercial vehicle.

Proper maintenance of commercial vehicles is very important, both because of the heavy use these vehicles are put through and because of the number of passengers they can put at risk if they are not properly maintained. In Massachusetts, all commercial vehicles are required to undergo routine safety inspections.

Safety inspections are aimed at making sure vehicles are in proper working order so that there is no malfunction or failure while the vehicle is in use. Commercial vehicles which haven’t been approved may have their registration suspended, which helps keep unsafe vehicles off the road.

Sometimes, though, safety failures slip through the cracks and cause an accident. Those who are harmed in such cases should always work with an experienced attorney to ensure they build a strong case for liability, including any safety failures in their case.